Scholarships for African Students to Study Abroad
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Scholarships for African Students to Study Abroad

Leaving the shores of Africa and its environment is the dream of many young Africans. Luckily many scholarship opportunities make this possible. Many European, Asian, and American governments and individuals offer scholarships to learners from all walks of life.
Provided with the scholarship, there are many opportunities available for you to study outside the country.
Also, the social life is good with many online helpers like uk.edubirdie reviews websites that can help students choose a reliable writing service and have a good time on campus. Here is a list of scholarships in various countries for African students:

1. The Fulbright Scholarship
This is a grant available for top-achieving international students. It covers tuition, cost of air ticket, health insurance, and day to day expenses. It is available in the USA for scholars to complete their MSc., and Ph.D. Degree.

2. Government of South Korea Scholarship

Every year, the South Korean government opens its door to scholars around the world. The scholarship is available for students to study both at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The scholarship aims to encourage mutual friendship in various countries

3. MasterCard Scholarship

MasterCard scholarship is available in the US. It is open to African students with various perks for beneficiaries. The scholarship takes care of finances and also supports the academic, social life, and welfare of all scholars. Students also use to take care of their term papers and essay materials.
The award covers books, accommodation, tuition, and other materials relevant to the welfare of students while getting their degree in the school.

4. Westminster International Postgraduate Full Scholarships in the UK

The University of Westminster that is situated in the UK, offers a full-tuition scholarship to students all over the globe, including Africans. This is a Postgraduate scholarship available every year, and the current one is available for the 2020/2021 section. The award covers living expenses, tickets, and accommodation.

5. Wellcome Award MSc at the London School of Economics in UK 2020

Valued at over £31,000, Students from all over the globe are welcomed at the school. This is an annual scholarship opportunity that Africans can take advantage of. The scholarship is available at the London School of Econs and is part of a grant coming from the Wellcome Foundation.

6. Government of Saudi Arabia Scholarship

There is also a scholarship program for Africans and other students in Saudi Arabia. Every year, students with a passion for scientific research can make use of this fantastic opportunity. As expected, the scholarship aims at fostering scientific development and increasing knowledge in students.
Saudi Arabian schools also prioritize the advancement of human civilization among its scholars and students. There are various colleges in Saudi Arabia, with top-notch social life for students. Students can use essayshark review to get the best deal and contact services on essays and paper writing. This could be a lifesaver for students at times when academic work gets overwhelming.


Every blessed year, there are various opportunities for Africans to study in developed countries. Provided with the scholarship, you can prove that you really deserve it. Besides, there are the best term paper writing service reviews that students can use online when they find college work overwhelming.