How to explain love - essay sample 2020
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How to explain love - essay sample 2020

Love is a very hard thing to explain, it messes with your emotions in a good and a bad way. In the song “All for You” by Joeboy he sings about getting with his love, doing anything to get with her. In “This Town” by Naill Horan he sings about a tough breakup. In both of these songs, they show the good and bad characteristics of love. In the book “Marrying out,” it talks about a boy going with his heart divorcing his Jewish wife, following what he felt was right. Love will be the best and worst times of your life. I believe that in love, it is a combination of happiness and heartbreak because love is you thinking you can be with someone forever, never wanting to leave them and the next day you are in a ditch of feelings, due to them breaking your heart, love is like an emotional roller coaster.
Rockin like a roller coaster, straight into trying to get the love of your life to be yours. In the song “All for You” by Joeboy, he bases it about trying to get the girl of his dreams who is in a relationship. He sings “I don't feel like I deserve your love, oh baby” he is singing about how precious love is and how he does not believe he should get her to be his. “Cause I'm all for you; Make you no fear don't you bother; Elele; Girl, I'm all for you; Make you no fear ko se normal” Joeboy is showing that love you will do anything for the one you love, you will sacrifice everything for the end goal. Before he could get her he has to ride the roller coaster to the top, due to the fact his love still has a boyfriend, yet she wants him “She wan, break up with her boyfriend 'cause of me”.
A roller coaster of emotions is coming into the station to have other passengers on board. In the song “This Town” by Naill Horan he sings about a breakup. “Waking up to kiss you and nobody's there; The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air; It's hard” this shows that he still remembers his ex-girlfriends, showing what he feels, as almost he is watching his own death. “If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you; Drive highways and byways to be there with you” when he says this he's showing his compassion in how much he loves her. In both of these lines, he is telling how much he wants his girlfriend back. Naill did a good job illustrating the actual emotion he feels about his heartbreak as if he was right next to you.
These two songs both shown feelings and compassion through here works, although one is about getting with the love of his life and the other, a tragic heartbreak, they are actually very similar. Both of the artists do a great job of making you feel as if you are in the situation with them right by their side. They are the same feeling of love but just in different viewpoints. In JoeBoys shoes he's looking as if this is the best thing of his life, the love of his life is about to break up with her boyfriend so that he and her may date, this shows his happiness and animated emotion. In the shoes of Naill, it shows that he was with his soulmate and they broke up. This breakup made him very distraught, making him think about her at all times, doing anything to see her again. These Two songs show Love; The best way to describe his love is it has two personalities, happiness and heartbreak, they can occur in any relationship that shares love. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone who is in love will experience happiness and heartbreak.
Heartbreak Kid; and article from the book Marrying Out shows happiness and heartbreak just as the two songs do. It is a combination of each within the story, The boy who is Jewish had to intermarry another Jewish “girl” as it was expected of them to do so, yet he thought other wise, he was heartbroken by this just like in “This Town” when it signs out heartbreak. The heartbreak in this article was he was marrying the Jewish “girl”. Yet where there is darkness there must be light, on the other side of the tunnel for this young Jewish boy was a young American girl. The Jewish boy left his wife on their honeymoon and remarried who his heart desired, marrying outside of the Jewish faith. This shows happiness in what Joeboy sings because the Jewish boy wanted to follow his heart and marry someone he wanted too no matter what religion they were. The article shows an example of Love where happiness and heartbreak are both presented through the Jewish boy's marriages.
As evident from the​ two songs and the article, heartbreak and happiness are in everyday life. They are truly a part of the emotional roller coaster of love.
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