Bands That JAM For Africa - FAQ
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Q: What is BTJ4A?
A: Bands that JAM for Africa is a benefit concert showcasing the musicians of tomorrow and saving the lives of children in Africa today. The main focus of BTJ4A is to provide food and education for the children of Africa through Joint Aid Management's (JAM) programs.
Q: What is the mission of BTJ4A?
A: Bands that JAM for Africa has a 3 fold mission. One: Break the cycle of poverty by providing food and education to the children of Africa. Two: Inspire teenagers by making them aware that it does not take much to make a difference. Three: Showcase the musicians of tomorrow while saving the lives of children in Africa today.
Q: How can I help?
A: If you are a musician you can perform at one of our events, speak about our cause on stage, or contact us about being a musician ambassador for BTJ4A. If you are seeking volunteer opportunities you may be interested in " Team BTJ4A". Contact us at [email protected] . If you would simply like to donate click here . Like us on & follow us on for updates! Buy a ticket. Enjoy the show. Change a life.
Q: Where does the money go?
A: Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a South African founded registered non-profit, Christian humanitarian relief and development organization with 25 years of experience in relief and sustainable development. JAM's programs focus on nutritional feeding, school feeding, assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, the provision of water and sanitation, as well as skills development, community training on agricultural development, income generation projects and HIV/AIDS programming. JAM strongly believes that without education, there can be no development. Effective education is only attained through the quality of schooling and most importantly, adequate nutrition, which allows a child to effectively focus, retain, and apply what is being learned. JAM currently assists more than 550,000 children through nutritional feeding programs, health and social welfare programs.
Q: Why JAM?
A: JAM began in 1984 after its founder, Peter Pretorius, became stranded in an area called Pambarra in Mozambique. Peter was at a food distribution center for 10 days without food or a change of clothes. There was no food at the center, only 34,000 starving people. Every day more than 30 people died and he helped bury them in shallow trench graves. Broken by the reality of this suffering, Peter was filled with a resolve to feed and help as many people as possible. Now, more than two decades later, Joint Aid Management is making a difference to hundreds of thousands of lives in 7 African countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe. To watch a video of the history of JAM, click here .
Q: Will you speak in my community/school?
A: Absolutely. Morgan has a story that can inspire the youth and we want to share it with as many people as possible! Please have an official representative email [email protected] for booking.